Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Here at Frezo Consulting, we help you find and recruit the right consultant for your SEO project. No matter if your project is a large eCommerce store or a small presentation website, our professional network is at your service.

Areas We Cover

Search Engine Optimisation

Scale your business with organic traffic.

Software Developers, QA

Staffing and outsourcing services for exotic and hard to find positions.

Content Creators and Copywriters

Generate the right content that will define you as an expert in your niche.

Social Media Managers

Create a community around your brand.


Welcome to Our Talent Network!

More companies are using outsourcing and staffing services to access a pipeline of highly capable candidates all across Eastern Europe. This mean less effort to hire, a significat cost reduction, and better benefits in the long run.


Your Benefits

Predictable Costs

We help our clients set up their offices in Bucharest. We will follow your branding and the employees will know they will work for you.

Scalable Recruitment

We live in a very competitive market where finding the right staff is extremely challenging. We help you overcome this by tapping into the local, less crowded market.

Cost Optimization

The hourly rate in Eastern Europe is a fraction of the rate tech companies pay in Western Europe or California.

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